Don\'t want to get the photo inside class

Don\'t want to get the photo inside class
tienkietboi 2017-04-04 12:27
Hello WP-Autopost, I'm the one who sent email you last week to support. Now I've bought your plugin alrd.
But my problem is having 2 same images on post, 1 Feature Image and 1 Article Content. I have this code:
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<div class="article-body cms-body ">
<div class="article-photo"><a href="image.jpg" data-index="0"><img alt="" src="image.jpg"></div></div>

I've successfully to get the post, many thanks to WP-Autopost. But now I just want to get .article-body but except .article-photo (don't want to get photo). So what I have to do in "The Article Content Matching Rules"?
Many thanks for your supporting!